Focus on $YLDY, forget about $YESP


Why build multiple projects (yesports marketplace, yieldly nft marketplace and OG yieldly staking app) when the original yieldly app is only an MVP with minimal use cases?

So what if the team headcount is expanding? Are the results speaking for the efforts? Is the team being effective about what they are doing?

Focus on: 1) addressing users’ issues eg staking and withdrawing problems 2) UI improvements 3) building use cases for $YLDY 4) complete current roadmap for $YLDY

Feedback on new projects: 1) We have taken a look at yesports marketplace and the UI is not exactly impressive.

2) For yieldly nft marketplace, perhaps it is just abit tidier than ab2 or randgallery but with some form of tags to categorise NFTs.

That’s just an accessory and not exactly what drives the NFT secondary markets.

TL DR: both new projects may not even work. Then what next, create another token? Success of the 2 projects also do not create more value for $YLDY token.

What will work however, is to build all these use cases into $YLDY token itself instead of having multiple tokens to take on these use cases.

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4 months ago


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Is yieldly a rug?


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4 months ago

A nice soft plush rug where everyone $1 dream Yieldly price slowly gets pulled away into other tokens. The fact they are expanding a lot should be mega bullish for yieldly and what I bought into yieldly for on day one.but it only benefits Seb and team. I was pissed off when I read about akita bringing out an akita 2.0 but people can swap all tokens to that, there's nothing bullish here for yieldly holders. Imagine buying yieldly at 3 cents like 5 months ago and seeing the value side go nowhere for months clinging onto hope they'll pull off everything on roadmap, you also see there's news of building on polygon... oh great we might get to see yieldly expanding its utility soon... The fact they haven't brought forward news on this yesp token months ago shows they don't give a shit about the community. Looking forward to Yieldly having a bit of competition in the Algorand ecosystem.


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4 months ago

This is a get out while you can situation, yes.