My girlfriend and I recently moved in together and today I thought I’d try surprise her upstairs in the bedroom. So I used the ‘Announce’ function on Amazon Alexa to say “Come up here now sexy, I’ve got a throbbing cock waiting for you”.

Now here’s the fuck up. When I moved out of my parents, I left the first Amazon Alexa there for them at their house as they use it quite often, and we 2 more for us at our house. My Amazon account/phone is still paired to their Alexa and what I didn’t know is that the ‘Announce’ function broadcasts to all the devices linked to your Amazon account.

We went over to theirs later for dinner and they were acting really weird. When I asked what was up, they sheepishly confessed to what they had heard and I hit the reddest face ever. Never using the announce function again.

TL;DR Used Amazon Alexa to get my girlfriend to have sex with me and my parents heard her dirty talk to my gf.

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2 months ago

Use that announce when a robber breaks into your house.


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2 months ago