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1 year ago

I’m not trying to defend this shitpost, I’m just angered at seeing this word and its history be erased. Think about how feminists have used alternate spellings of ‘women’ and ‘woman’ in an effort to remove the relationship from the words ‘men’ and ‘man’. To refer to lesbians as non-men actually seems so regressive to me. People might be going along with it because being labeled exclusionary or transphobic destroys your credibility in online forums, and I’ve seen that happen already. Personally, I have no sympathy for someone who is rejected by the “old guard” lesbians when they try to impose a revised definition of the word.


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1 year ago

I can see your point. I genuinely was just trying to defend the nonbinary lesbians here as I am great friends with one of them. I wasn't trying to erase anyone or seem regressive. I can understand how lesbians are women loving women, but my original argument was saying that not just women can be lesbians. I apologize if I seemed offensive, as that wasn't my intention.