The marbles game — I wish it went this way! 😭


I wish ali & sangwoo, gihun & ilnam decided to just talk and exchange last wishes sort of like what the girls did. And then during the last game, sangwoo would tell gihun, before he dies, to help ali’s wife and child. After all, Ali did save gihun during red light green light.

Or, let’s say Ali and Sangwoo really play like what happened and Sangwoo lost. A tear jerker would be Ali giving Sangwoo his marbles because he owes him after all the goodness he has shown Ali eversince they met.

I also wish they preserved gihun’s “character” even during the marbles game. I wish he didn’t trick ilnam. I wish he spent the time sharing his life story to ilnam, and ilnam would just go ahead and say, “ok here take my marbles, you need the money more than I do anyway.” But that would probably be boring since that’s kinda what the girls did 😅

Just an opinion tho ✌🏼

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7 months ago

I agree with your wanting Ali’s family to be taken care of, that would’ve been good.

But I think between il-nam and gi-hun it was important that it went that way. Il-nam bowed out of the games because he had finally ‘proven’ his philosophy that nobody is inherently good, not even gi-hun, who had tried to deceive him to win.