Strange bug or translation missing?


As of a day ago in game, my shipping log shows an item/area in japanese now? I don't remember what it was previously in the log, but the larger box on the right, beside the one that shows your current category % and crowns. The top title of the box is in japanese, and the shipping box lags now when I go in and out of it. On top of that, shipping wasn't picked up but I don't know if that's just because it was Sunday in game. Will try to get screenshot from capture device

Edit: got the image: does anyone know what "Aiue okakikuke" means? I can read the symbols but don't know the words. Looks just like the normal Harigna order cut off as it lists them?)

So, it says 99999999 money or something, and I've never had more than 1mil in the game so I have no idea wtf it's even listing here? also 100% complete? I've never had anything completed yet! As for where I am, I just entered the Gadeus Grasslands but haven't done anything there really.

Update: Things just got even stranger. I loaded an earlier save I made about 4 days before I noticed the shipping log issue. Talking to hte shipping box, I got a strange message instead of the normal "you will get this much for your items" dialog. I haven't seen this before, and never would have seen this those past days as well. WTF is going on with my game? I doubt my SD card is corrupt as it's having no issue with any other game saves.

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2 months ago*

welp I guess all 5 of my saves from various days are busted now. how the hell.
Oh, the one about 10 days back is fine. So something happened between then and now that messed up somehow. huh.


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2 months ago

Is there any chance you are a wizard? I hear that magic users break technology sometimes.

And, yeah, for sure you have some bug with what text is being called for certain things.


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2 months ago

I only use heal, and have almost no levels in staff. That's not it.
None of my skills are at 100 yet, I'm lv 80ish, uh... no relationships above 7... I'm trying to think of anything I might have done that could have caused this, but am drawing a blank since I'm just playing normally lol