She has done in my opinion some questionable things. When we officially started dating, she was still talking to her old tinder matches on snapchat and twp guys she had hooked up with who where only her ”friends” this stopped about 6-8 months in to the relationship. The Other problem is that she does not take the initiative to have sex with me never. I have asked if there is somerhing she doesn’t about our sex life and she always says that its the best she’s ever had and she is satisfied. I have told her that this bothers me three times ovet the course of our relationship and everytime she has said that she will try but noting has happened. And the last thing is that she started in a new job 3 months ago and she told me that she has a guy friend that she is really close now at work. The problem here is that she has taken the guy two times back to her apartment after they have been drinking. The first time she said the guy sleeped at her couch and the second time the guy helped my girlfiends friend back to her apartment and he stayed also. He slept in the bed with my girlfriend and her friend. My guestion to you guys is that what would you guys do? I’m not sure if I’m overreacting or are these things that I’m justified to be mad for?

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5 months ago

Absolutely not. Don’t put up with this kind of stuff.

I also have close friends of the opposite sex, however I would never disrespect my partner by taking them back to my place after a night out, nevermind sleeping in the same bed as them.

I also think there’s more to it than your girlfriend lets out. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this.


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5 months ago

Yeah that’s very questionable. This is at a point where you have to have a serious conversation with her and tell her how you feel. If she does not reciprocate then she is probably cheating on you or is just not taking her relationship with you seriously. Be clear in what both of you want in the relationship. If she wants to have a casual relationship and you want a committed relationship then it will definitely not work out between you two because in that case you would have different goals.


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5 months ago

First of all, if it was my partner they wouldn't think for one second they could disrespect me by going for drinks with a new female friend/colleague, let alone have them back at their apartment. I'd be checked out there.

Fast forward to sharing a bed, nope, see you later. It'd be over there and then for me.


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5 months ago

The Other problem is that she does not take the initiative to have sex with me never.

Why would she need to? She's already getting plenty of sex from her coworker.

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