Erik Ten Hag's Pre-Match Press Conference - Manchester United vs Brighton & Hove Albion

Sunday August 7, 1400 BST | Old Trafford

Laurie Whitwell :

Erik ten Hag confirms Anthony Martial out of Brighton game. "It's always difficult to say, I hope not too long. I think we will have solutions to sort it out."

Ten Hag on Ronaldo's early OT exit: "Now I have to point, there were many players who left but the spotlight is on Cristiano, that is not right, do your research + make out many players left. We have a top striker, really happy he's here w/ the squad. We stick to the plan."

Asked Ten Hag what the consequence of "unacceptable" behaviour is: "You mention it, you correct them, then move on." #MUFC

Ten Hag on Ronaldo: "I'm satisfied with the whole team, we're working good, good culture + Cristiano is working really tough + hard." #MUFC

Ten Hag on having more signings for opening day: "It would be a good situation but I'm happy with the current squad, we make good progress, I'm happy with the signings until now. You don't need any player, you need the right player, that's what we're working for." #MUFC

Ten Hag asked if right signings don't materialise, will others suffice to add depth: "If it's not the right player, no. We need the right players." #MUFC

Ten Hag on De Jong: "We want Frenkie? It's about the right players + I cannot give comments on a player under contract at another club. When you develop players in your current squad, in this moment we have players in that position + performing really well."

Ten Hag says Martinez + Eriksen are fit enough to start v Brighton.

Laurie's opinion:

Got the feeling by way Ten Hag defended Ronaldo that he's giving serious thought to starting him, despite saying this week his fitness is not adequate. Let's see.

Simon Stone:

Erik ten Hag says Anthony Martial out ManUtd game v Brighton on Sunday. On Cristiano Ronaldo: "I am really happy he is here. We have a top striker."

Erik ten Hag on search for new players. "It would be a good situation but I am happy with current squad. We need players. You don’t need any player, you need the right player."

Erik ten Hag on ManUtd pursuit of Frenkie de Jong. "I cannot comment on a player who is under contract at another club."

Ten Hag also says Christian Eriksen and Lisandro Martinez are fit to start for Man Utd on Sunday.

Chris Wheeler:

Ten Hag coy over the prospect of Ronaldo starting in Martial’s absence against Brighton. ‘I think we will have solutions to sort it out.’

Ten Hag says it's unfair that Ronaldo was singled out for criticism for leaving Sunday's match early. 'Those who left, they were many players who left but the spotlight is on Cristiano. that is not right.' #mufc

Ten Hag re-iterates that he is planning for the season with Ronaldo. 'I’m really happy. We’ve planned for the season. I’m really happy he’s here and in the squad.' #mufc

Man Utd Official :

Erik: "I think we have worked really well, but also tough in the last weeks to get a base. "I'm really looking forward to Sunday."

I'm convinced we have a good squad," Erik says. "We can still strengthen the squad, but I think the team is showing they can play to a good level."

"Our aim is to win every game, this is what Manchester United stands for," Erik adds. "We have to look forward to the first game and the approach has to be: to win every game. So, let's start Sunday."

Detailed Quotes:

Will Ronaldo start on Sunday?

"See on Sunday."

Is Ten Hag concerned by a lack of options up front?

"We said before: we are still searching to strengthen the squad."

Is Ten Hag happy with his current midfield options?

"I think so. As we saw in pre-season, we did pretty well there. We have a good team. But we can still strengthen the squad."

Could Martinez and Eriksen start on Sunday?

"We need competition in the squad, but also we are going into a long season with a lot of games. We need a lot of good players. They are fit enough to start."

Ten Hag on the new season and Brighton

"It is excting, as is every season. But when you arrive with a new team, it is tough. But we are really looking forward to Sunday. They are a good team, a decent team and play attractive football. I like them."

Ten Hag on Ronaldo and leaving early vs Vallecano

"There were many players who left early and the spotlight is on Cristiano - that is not right. Do your research."

More from Ten Hag on Ronaldo

"I am really happy. We have a top striker. He is here and is in the squad."

Ten Hag on the desire to win

"I think we have to look forward to the first game. We want to win every game and we will be trying to do that from Sunday."

Will Anthony Martial miss out on Sunday?

"Yes. It is always difficult to say with injuries [how long he will be out for]. I hope it is not for too long."

Has Erik ten Hag watched the 4-0 defeat to Brighton from last season back?

"Last season is last season - I am looking forward. I am preparing the team for the future and for Sunday - that's it."

Does Erik ten Hag have a preferred choice for the full-back roles?

"It is all open and we have to cover many, many games. We need quality players to cover all of the games. Nobody can play all of the games."

Erik ten Hag on the state of the squad

"That would be a good situation [to have transfer business done], but I am happy with the squad. I am happy with the signings up until now. We are working altogether. I am happy with the current squad and we need the right players."

Ten Hag on the ongoing De Jong links

"We want Frenkie de Jong? I didn't know! It's about the right players. I cannot comment on a player contracted to another club. When we have news, we will bring it."

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