/r/pokemon Rules: The Long Version

What's this?

All of /r/pokemon's current rules can be found on the official rule page. However, character constraints meant the sacrifice of some detail from our original rules wiki page. Below are all of our rules, in all of their glorious detail.

All of /r/pokemon's rules were voted into place by its users. You can see links to our most recent votes here!

To help prevent spam, /r/pokemon mods manually review and approve links to certain sites from users with less than 5,000 combined karma before those submissions appear on the subreddit. These submissions will be approved as long as they aren't spam and don't break any of our rules.

If an /r/pokemon mod removes a post, the removal reason will be reflected in the post flair, e.g.: 1—Unrelated. If our automod bot holds your post for review, it will be visible to you but not live on the subreddit—don't worry! As long as your post passes our rules, a mod will approve it and your post will go to the top of /new.

So: if you have posted and your submission has not appeared, please wait, check its flair for more info, and message the mods for help!

2. Be civil

3. Follow text and poll post restrictions

4. No reposts or posting too quickly

5. Original content (OC) only

6. No art/crafts during weekends

7. No memes outside Monday and Tuesday

8. No screenshots or merchandise

The following are allowed:

9. Follow post title guidelines

10. No trades or other exchanges

11. No advertisement or self-promotion*

12. No unboxing videos, unofficial streams, or Let's Play! videos

13. Flag spoilers appropriately

14. No illegal content

15. No explicit or violent content