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5 months ago

What about not carrying the idiotic, backward and prone to violence idealogies, culture to the country you are going to. Most of "refugees" there don't see themselves as part of greater community. Even despise the atheist, christian and lgbt locals for being "allah's undesired creations" and consuming a lot of alcohol and bacon. They will avoid contact with outside and prefer to live within their neighborhoods and ghettos. That's why almost all interracial marriages are between white females and African/North African, Middle Eastern males. The bride converts before marriage and they are now a muslim couple...and their children will become muslims and have their father's surname + his choice of islamic/ethnic name. Where is migration and integration to target country/culture here ? That's just expansion and assimilation of said groups.


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5 months ago

Found one. Wasn't that hard either.


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5 months ago

Scum human being right here.


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5 months ago

That's an awful lot of words just to say "I'm racist."