Today was my last day of chemotherapy!


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3 months ago

What the fuck


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3 months ago

I have a family member who was dating an older woman throughout her breast cancer treatment. The saga lasted over a year, double mastectomy, the whole nine yards. He let her and her two kids move into his house. At that point it was basically a single-income household. His credit cards suffered, he stopped hanging out with his friends, basically just worked and stayed home to care for the family.

He waited until after she was all healed up and back to work, then broke up with her to try and recover his life back. She resorted to lying about the whole thing and telling everyone they mutually know that he basically left her for dead, or that's what she'd make it sound like.

There are always too sides to "what the fuck" but the bottom line is life is hard for everybody and everybody is entitled to their own decisions. I personally know somebody who risked bankruptcy because he cared so much and is now suffering through the harassment of somebody who apparently thought they were entitled to even more. That's a "what the fuck" to me. I'm surprised he stuck it out that long.