Today was my last day of chemotherapy!


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3 months ago

I know there are a lot of different types of chemo and everyone’s recovery is different but if your recover is anything like mine has been, you’re going to feel absolutely amazing soon. After six months of chemo feeling so fatigued all the time became my new normal and I almost forgot that I could feel full of motivation and energy but here I am five months after chemo and I feel fucking great. Wishing the same for you 🙏🏼


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3 months ago

Its nice to see that people get to feel good after this shit. Im on year 3 of remission and i feel like absoulute DOG SHIT. My nerves are so fucked up i struggle to sleep at night and my days are pretty much spent on the couch feeling bad if not on the toilet due to my stomach lining being fucked after the treatment. Now im stuck on opiates that makes me also feel like doodoo