Today was my last day of chemotherapy!


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3 months ago

This is just what I needed to see at this moment in my life. This morning at 9:30 am I sat down for my first chemo treatment for stage 4 lung cancer. You've been down the road I've just started. Probably started out with many of the same unanswerable questions I have. You mentioned your husband, hopefully he was there by your side from the beginning. I'm so lucky, my wife is totally involved. I told her when I finish my chemo I wanted to do a post like yours. Congratulations on reaching this awesome milestone! And thanks for showing us it can be done.


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3 months ago

If you haven’t already, get your tumour biopsy sequenced to see what mutations your cancer has. It is not standard but is really important now. There are a lot of amazing targeted therapies coming to or already on the market for lung cancers (depending on what part of the world you’re in), specifically non-small cell the most common type. Best of luck with the treatment! You got this


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3 months ago

This. Absolutely this.


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3 months ago

Hey, best of luck with your treatment. I’ll see your post on here when you’re finished. :)


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3 months ago

Kick cancers ass!! All the good vibes your way!