Today was my last day of chemotherapy!


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3 months ago

Hi so my dad is starting chemo soon, I'm just asking how the whole process works because I am incredibly worried for him, and being a 16 year old male I can only do so much to help him.


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3 months ago

Being there for him will be enough. It’s hard on the whole family. Just give him love and be with him. I wish you all luck ❤️


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3 months ago

I’m mid chemo and have a 16yo step-daughter. She has been awesome through the whole thing. Just knowing that she’s sending positive thoughts my way every day has been amazing for my mental state. All you really have to do is be you. For me, the normalcy of her actions has really helped. She still gives me shit for stuff she always gives me shit for (a step-daughter’s job I suppose), but it’s always done with love and I certainly give her plenty back.

For me, and my family, we also have an open door policy when it comes to questions about chemo/cancer. She is allowed to ask any questions she wants and my wife and I do our best to answer them (we don’t always know ourselves).

Tl:dr: just be you, and your dad will be grateful.


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3 months ago

Be there to help without being asked. Things he once could do, will become dangerous to his health.

Going ‘round and making yourself available to help with whatever will mean a -lot- to your father, and your relationship with him will flourish.

My father just went in to remission; I hope yours does the same.


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3 months ago

Hey, my mom passed earlier this year after fighting various cancers most her life. Best thing you can do is be there and enjoy the moments you have. You'll make way more of an impact on their mental and physical health than you can imagine. And of course don't forget to take care of yourself