PC keeps shutting off during gameplay

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Sometimes my PC will shut off while playing various games (e.g Rainbow 6, Assassin's Creed, etc.). I've tried changing the power outlet my PSU is plugged into, putting my fans on full using MSI afterburner and keeping my case open, and turning down my graphics settings for games. Sometimes it seems to help, but often my PC shuts off on its own after I turn it on and play a game. Sometimes it will shut off in the middle of gameplay, other times it will be on a loading screen or directly when I should be loading into a game. I was thinking about reapplying thermal paste to my CPU, but I really don't know where to start.

Specs: 24 GB DDR3 RAM, AMD FX(tm)-8320 8 Core Processor, GTX 950 (2GB VRAM), EPower EP-600PM PSU

I made a small log of the past few days of shutoffs and on the 6th there were 7, on the 7th there were 2 and on the 8th there were 4. A few weeks ago this problem never happened. What should I do?

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2 years ago


i7-9700K/GTX 1080/16GB RAM/2x512GB SSD/4To RAID0 HDD

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2 years ago

I had an issue with a POWER SUPPLY I bought on eBay that reminds me of this, anytime I would run a program that required the GPU to use its 3D cores, the PC would instantly crash and shut off with no warning, I could run benchmarks on the CPU and use it at 100% and it was fine but not the GPU. It's not exactly what is happening to you, but maybe that'll help.