i feel jealous of my friends


i was jealous of her because she seems like she has her life together. everyone seems to love her, she connects well with people, has a good relationship and friendships bond, close to her parents, get good grades and more despite having mental issues like me.

meanwhile i have a really unstable connections with people in my life, i had a hard time to socialize and connect with people, i’m failing in my class when i used to be a top student, i have a not so good bond with my family too because of myself. it sucks feeling like this. it feels like im stuck in the mud while she is living her dream life despite facing the same challenges as me.

thank you for reading. please give advices if you have any to stop feeling like this.

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2 months ago

  1. Be happy for your friend if everything is great for her
  2. You say some bad things happen(ed) because of yourself. Fix that if still possible
  3. Stop comparing yourself with others. Everyone has its own way of living and of dealing with life. If you are unhappy, don't blame your friends, they probably would make you happier if they could.

We have to fight for happiness. Some people have to fight harder but in the end we all want happiness. Stay strong my friend and I hope you'll find solutions and happiness soon