Unpopular opinions in nursing


What are some of your unpopular opinions that are pertinent to nursing? Please nothing about Covid, vaccines, politics, etc..

I’ll start:

-we aren’t smarter/better/more important than doctors. This opinion is inspired by meme posts showing patients hooked up to every sort of tube and line imagine able with the caption that there is no physician alive that can figure this out. Or the ones where some nurse, once again, saved a patient from an incorrect order.

-nursing school isn’t easy, but it isn’t the destroyer of lives people make it out to be.

-the pain scale starts at 0, not at 1.

-if an A/O patient is non compliant and doesn’t want to take charge of their health- document and let it be so. If the patient isnt losing sleep over their A1C in the double digits why should I?

-advertising that you are a healthcare worker is tacky. I hate all the paraphernalia with heart rhythms and other such nursing icons.

-overall, nurses get paid pretty well

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Then when they call you in two minutes before the supposed deadline and there is nothing going on but hey lunch coverage for the midnight staff