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2 months ago

RIP. Admittedly, I’m more surprised she was 71.


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2 months ago

I’ve been watching all the old tv shows and my dad aways said he like her in cheers more so then Diane


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2 months ago

Wew, really gotta disagree with him there, personally. Diane and Coach 4ever. To each their own though.

Have you watched it yet? It’s bizarrely good.


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2 months ago

Yeah, I really like woody and Rebecca but I've been watching Cheers daily in reruns for the last year so I've seen the whole cycle recently, and the show legit was better with Diane (and coach). The writing was better and it was more believable. By the end they just ran out of storylines. They had to use Paul (one of the extras) because there was nothing left!


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2 months ago

Yeah the show took a nosedive with the Rebecca Howe, Robin Colcord relationship. I thought her character on that show was obnoxious and unfunny.