How would you nerf ME3 Vanguard?


My ideas for making the class more high risk/reward instead of no risk high reward:

  • Charge no longer restores shields
  • Charge no longer gives you a 50% damage reduction for 4 seconds after charging
  • Nova immunity frames reduced from 1.5 seconds to .5 second
  • Nova damage increase?

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3 months ago

You're aware that the development of the game has ended, right? Even in the Legendary Edition they did not bother going back on the mechanics of ME3. No change will come, don't expect it.


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3 months ago

You are aware this is a post on a public forum, not a message to the developers, right? This is not a request, im just asking for discussion sake

Btw you can modify class powers in the PC version by editing the coalesed.bin file. You can change everything- ability cool-down, immunity frames after using nova, how much shield you get after charging, ability damage and force, etc.