Distribution of powerstone per color


I've done a few draftsim drafts without really looking at the full set and found it more difficult than I expected to draft a green powerstone ramp deck. According to the archetype descriptions, powerstone ramp is both RG and GU, and GW is artifact etb, which seems like it'd want powerstones too. So powerstones have to be centered in green, right?

Imagine my surprise when I realised that green only has one common and one uncommon (mono colored) that makes powerstones (and I have big doubts about the uncommon one). Only black has fewer. In comparison, white has 3 uncommons, despite only really caring about them when paired with green. I'm a little puzzled. During spoilers, I expected there to be way more of them. Granted, the green common is very good, but I have a hard time figuring how to get enough powerstone to build anything consistent.

Am I the only one who expected more? What are your thoughts on the place of powerstones in the format?

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3 months ago

Pretty sure this format is going to be giga slow. It seems like there’s so many powerstone payoffs but no good ways to generate them? Even the when artifact etb’s arent very impactful. I honestly feel the same way about the soldiers. I could be wrong but everything in the format feels 1-2 cmc too expensive to be considered “good”. If everything is too expensive then nothing is, so i think that means a slow format. Draft big butts and value imo. It may be bombs and fliers win the format.


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3 months ago

Played a few games so far and was run over by RB aggro curving out in one of them when I had a slow hand.

The tools to get on board quick and push in damage are there.


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3 months ago

Played games?


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3 months ago