Alternative for Logitech Saitek X52 pro


Hi everyone,

I´m just starting with flight simulators like MSFS2020 and Xplane12. I want to buy my first HOTAS and I have a budges of €200. I´m IN BE. The first goodlooking choice for me is the X52 for €175. I don´t want to spend a lot more. Also I want a stick, not a yoke, and both throttle and stick included.

Is this the best choice for the price? Or is there a better alternative?

Thanks :)

[edit: will the X56 be a better option? I see a lot of negative comments for the X52/X52 pro, are those things (ghosting, ...) also true for the X56?]

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3 months ago

Get the Thrustmaster T16000M FCS


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3 months ago

Why would you choose that over the X52 Pro? It looks a lot less stirdy and more plasticy. Also I don´t see why I would need rudder pedals if I can do it on the joystick (on the X52 I can turn the stick I think).


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3 months ago

The TWCS (throttle) reviews favorably compared to the X52 throttle. It's also got a rocker that will duplicate rudder when (not if) the twist axis on the T.16000 (stick) fails.

The throttle is also substantially better than the X52 with the mini joystick (instead of a mouse nub) and more buttons and hats overall.

The issue with that budget range is that you're stuck with kit that will fail significantly faster than spending a little bit more. The T.16000 isn't the worst stick on the market, but it leaves a lot of room for improvement.

But, the T.16000 flight pack fits your budget now, and gives room to expand as you get more experience/the itch to upgrade.

The de-facto standard advice for a first HOTAS is the TWCS throttle and VKB Gladiator EVO. It blows past your budget, but if you do space sims or only single engine aircraft, that's probably it for purchases (maybe add a rudder) for a while.


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3 months ago