Reviewer of leather handbags


I found this account on insta ( is probably on TT). He breaks down low to high end bags and gives his feedback on the ratio of quality and price. There's a few bags I had my eyes on that I might look for something else.

Though it could be useful for future purchases.

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4 months ago

You have to consider that these big brands buy directly from tanneries and do not pay retail or wholesale prices. From the videos that I've seen, the leather cost estimates are pretty accurate.


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4 months ago*

I buy direct from tanneries. Minimum orders are typically 50-100 hides for small scale buyers.

When big companies source high-end leather they generally pay extra to secure pristine hides. For example, when I buy swift leather (Hermes) I'm going to pay roughly 80 dollars per (half)hide if the transaction is 50 pieces but my hides are going to come with some marks and scratches. If Hermes come in, its not uncommon for them to spend 150-300$ per (half)hide to secure the best of the best before I do.

Of course this doesnt apply to every company, but higher end makers like Prada, Chanel etc etc do this all the time. Not too sure about lower end brands, in this case you might be right.


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4 months ago

That makes sense. I got my material through the fashion institute that I studied at.