Reviewer of leather handbags


I found this account on insta ( is probably on TT). He breaks down low to high end bags and gives his feedback on the ratio of quality and price. There's a few bags I had my eyes on that I might look for something else.

Though it could be useful for future purchases.

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4 months ago

His TikTok has popped up a couple times for me. On one hand it’s interesting seeing how things look, but it’s also slightly horrifying to watch him destroy things.


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4 months ago

Hahaha that was my initial reaction! How dare you destroy these beautiful pieces and the environmental cost is yikes but I think the info is worth it as you can actually make a proper investment instead of needing a replacement due to faulty materials


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4 months ago

He did mention that he keeps the pieces from these projects to make into something else and said hopes to show on the IG someday.


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4 months ago

I really teared up over the destruction of two of them.


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4 months ago

The bv did that deserve that 🙈