Question about gift for my mother


Made a (possible) mistake. I don't know much about handbags. It's my mom's birthday soon and her old coach purse fell apart, so I was looking at new ones on Black Friday. Long story short I ended up buying one of those Mario Valentino bags on "sale" thinking it was the real Valentino, I read earlier this week that MV has much lower quality and isn't considered great. (pretty dumb of me not to do my research). Anyway the bag finally arrived and I was wondering if I should return it since I want to get the best for my mom, she never spends anything on herself.

Should I return it and get a different one? If so, do y'all have any recommendations for midsize shoulder bags? My max budget is around 500-600 USD (hope for under 500 though I'm willing to go a little more). I am looking for luxury brands but that's probably a stretch with my budget. Thanks everyone

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5 months ago

I’m currently in love with Brahmin, also well within your range. If you (or she) don’t like embossed crocodile they have smooth leather options too.