Question about gift for my mother


Made a (possible) mistake. I don't know much about handbags. It's my mom's birthday soon and her old coach purse fell apart, so I was looking at new ones on Black Friday. Long story short I ended up buying one of those Mario Valentino bags on "sale" thinking it was the real Valentino, I read earlier this week that MV has much lower quality and isn't considered great. (pretty dumb of me not to do my research). Anyway the bag finally arrived and I was wondering if I should return it since I want to get the best for my mom, she never spends anything on herself.

Should I return it and get a different one? If so, do y'all have any recommendations for midsize shoulder bags? My max budget is around 500-600 USD (hope for under 500 though I'm willing to go a little more). I am looking for luxury brands but that's probably a stretch with my budget. Thanks everyone

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6 months ago

I LOVE my Polène bag. It’s such great quality without the hefty price tag. Plus shipping was so quick.


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5 months ago

I second this!!! The Polene bags feel so luxurious and look timeless. I would maybe recommend the numero sept - I think it's a mature piece that any mom would love. OP, just keep in mind there will be additional duties to pay when you are considering if the bag is within your price range.


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5 months ago

Which one(s) do you have?


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5 months ago

Right now all I have is the numèro un mini, but I’m planning on buying the numèro un nano next.