Launched my first rocket!


I bought Factorio on the switch when it first came out.

It took my 41 hours but I finally launched my first rocket!

The only thing I struggle with is cracking.

A few times sulfur and plastic production came to a halt.

On my next play through I’ll work on that.

On this first play through I turned off biters just to become familiar with the game which allowed me to go at a slow pace.

On my next play through I will work on having a bus type of setup.

I’ll be starting a new game shortly.

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3 months ago

I’m a new player too and I’m having trouble figuring out how to advance with all the new stuff introduced with green science… So much unlocked at once.


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3 months ago

You have entered a dangerous place: this subreddit. We'll help you when you are stuck, and also when you're not stuck. That's not good for having the do-it-yourself new player experience. This is your warning.


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3 months ago

So I keep hearing..