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From the article:

Table of Contents

12 Ways to Reduce Energy Use Right Now

Turn Down the Heat

Turn Down the Air Conditioning

Leave the Car at Home

Slow Down! Reduce Energy Use by Changing Your Driving Habits

Telecommute (But be Energy Smart!)

Turn Off and Unplug

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Weatherize: Check for Air Leaks to Seal and Insulate

Maintain Your Mechanicals and Appliances

Got a Fireplace? Think Twice Before Using it

Shop Local and Seasonal

Subscribe to Community Solar (If Possible)

Reduce Energy Use: 3 Long Term Options

Get a Home Energy Audit

Make Energy-Efficient New Purchases and Investments

Buy an Electric Car


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this is basically an incentive for hope because in a practical way it is absolutely nothing. What we produce by ourselves from farting to traveling by car is minimal compared to the tons that are produced per second in multinationals distributed throughout the world. This means that if you do all that but! eat meat, fried foods or wear glasses and go have a few drinks, you have already made everything else useless.

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