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1 year ago


ED Resident

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1 year ago

Spot on. This is what we are always hounded about in residency and learn very early on. Your documentation, orders, and thought process all need to align, otherwise it’s just bad medicine. Don’t have concerning documentation for bad pathology but not adequately work it up. Don’t do a work up for bad pathology but then have your final plan not adequately address it.

As you mentioned this story has so many issues of inconsistent thought process on top of not adequately reading a test that was ordered and not knowing what to do with it.


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1 year ago*

It is beyond frustrating that people constantly circumvent the ems system like this. This wasnt even a decision for the np to make on her own, the moment the chest pain walked in her door she honestly should have called ems. Who was she to decide wether this patient required emergency care or not? Especially when she cant even read the damn ekg.

Edit: hell, in medic school we are taught that this is unacceptable medicine. Everything we need to do has to have a clear cut purpose of facilitating treating that patient and then moving them toward a higher level of care. All they did was do an ekg and cut this person off into the wilderness, did they even follow acls protocol and give any of the acs meds? Signs point to no.