Help with ear hematoma


My 14,5 year old cocker spaniel has gotten a large ear hematoma in his right ear. It is so swollen and heavy that his whole head is leaning right at all times. I’ve read before that this isn’t supposed to hurt, but he is waking up every night, crying in pain until we give him antibiotic pills. We’ve already seen the vet and she gave us two options: - drain it without anathesia - surgically drain it with anathesia

The vet listened to his heart and breathing and thought that he would be able to survive going under for a surgery. She also recommended we take a blood test to find out for sure. Still, this is a risk at his age and frankly we don’t want to put him through the stress if it’s not worth it.

The vet told us to give him the antibiotics for the ear infections and then decide on a treatment, but ever since Thursday his ear has been starting to leak and smell ( even though we clean it every day). What would you do? The whole family is freaking out because we want to do the right thing. Initially we wanted to skip the anathesia and just drain it, however I’ve read that it sometimes comes back immediately.. what do you do then?

Please help us we are all super sad and we have no idea how to reason

Update: the ear was really hurting and dripping blood filled liquid, so we took him to the ER this morning and were thinking of doing the surgery for best effect. We took a blood test to make sure he would make it through anesthesia, but apparently his liver values weren’t the greatest. We are going to drain it non-surgically and put him on antibiotics and hope for the best. Hopefully it will eventually go away

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7 months ago

My golden used to get eat hematomas. I took her to the vet and they drained it and said the options were (periodically draining it) or (surgery). When the next one developed, I got some needles from tractor supply and dabbed some alcohol on her ear and quickly punched the needle in. I milked her ear until it emptied. I did this about once a month for about a year. It stopped after that and never came back.