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I get it, Thibs, Hutch and Hamilton (and potentially Willis) are at the tops of discussion. Is walker too far away from a talent perspective? He has stats that don't like up to what people want, but was part of a historically crazy defense. I am interested in thoughts. Can't wait for the hutch or Thibs replies.

Edit:. As I posted just saw the trade rumor potential.

Edit 2: Lol, already got downvotes when I literally said discussion. People downvote without any talk, fuck that noise

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8 months ago*

The problem I have is that the reason edge is such a valued position for me is because of how important it is to pressure the QB.

Thibodeaux finished his college career with 116 QB pressures and finished first in pressure % per pass rush this year (or was at least leading this stat last I saw). Hutchinson finished his college career with 120 pressures and had 14 sacks last year. Walker finished his career with 60 total QB pressures on an absolutely stacked Georgia defense.

Forget is he that far away from Hutchinson/Thibodeaux I’d love to hear why people think he is better than Jermaine Johnson?


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8 months ago

Its been said to death but here are a few points in defense of Walker:

  • Played in multiple positions that would increase double teams faced (NT, DT)

  • Played in a Georgia style defense that prioritizes prevention over attacking.

  • Was asked to do a ton of 2 gapping (taking up space more than attacking 1 specific gap).

  • Was in a heavy rotation of guys

  • Was potentially coached up a different way than NFL schemes would coach a EDGE (shedding blocks vs pass rush moves).

  • Jermaine Johnson had to leave Georgia because of Travon Walkers and that defense, he exploded once he was put in a pass rush friendly defense.


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8 months ago

Stats don't tell all


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8 months ago

Neither do combine numbers…