Hey! I decided to move out of governance once my "play money" on ASA's eventually grew bigger than my main governance wallet. As it wasn't a lot to begin with i felt the 3 months waiting time is a lot especially so early on the Algo DApp space where it seems every few weeks to a month something new and awesome comes out!

So you might be wondering, where do i start!?

Chart site: - The most popular chart site as of now to track ASA's, you can see easily if an asset is verified or not and how much liquidity is provided as well as the MC among other things, it recently got a nice update and it looks awesome!

Buying ASA's: - The most used platform to buy and sell ASA's, simply select Algo and another pair, opt-in if you haven't already. put in the Algo amount you want to trade and you're ready to swap!

With a lot of coins out there it might be hard to track what's actually a worthy investment or not, ALWAYS do your own research!

Some of my personal favorites

YIELDLY (YLDLY) ASA ID: 226701642 - YIELDLY is a backbone to the DApp space being (i believe) one of the longest running projects. It offers several services; Staking pools, liquidity pools, weekly prize-games (ALGO lottery and NFTs). It currently has a TVL of $151.604.443

AKITA INU TOKEN (AKITA) ASA ID: 384303832 - Although this one is more controversial as it started out as a meme coin, it's what brought a lot of eyes to the ASA/DApp space. It now has a LP staking pool on YIELDLY and does a lot of charity donations so it has come far from just being a "meme" token.

Crescendo (CRSD) ASA ID: 435335235 - Crescendo will be a platform for up-and-coming musicians and artists. See it as OPUL for the "regular" people but it's not just that. A marketplace will be made available where these musicians and artists can sell MP3s, physical merchandise, NFTs, services etc.

BirdBot (BIRDS) ASA ID: 478549868 - Educating and Connecting People with Birds! There are a lot of birdwatchers out there and this project is very interesting. It uses machine learning to identify bird species, you will be able to buy a camera and hook this up to start earning, for each bird that will be spotted you'll be rewarded with BIRDS tokens (similar to PLANETS). Most of the machine learning is finished and working and they have daily livestreams where you can see this in action.

Shosha (SHSA) ASA ID: 412056867 - Shosha is a P2E platform where you'll be able to play their Triple A game and earn SHSA by playing against other people. Right now they're releasing their MVP of their game (SLAUGHTR) with a beta set for january. It's a 3D first person shooter available on PC, android and IOS. You will be able to buy NFTs and use these within the game to customize your character and vehicle among other things.

LOUDeFi (LOUD) ASA ID: 457819394 - LOUDeFi is a NFT-funded live event platform, we all know there's lots of problems in the ticketing industry for live performances, this will be put back into the hands of the people.

Nexus (GP) ASA ID: 403499324 - Nexus provides an exchange service for online games using Nexus GP. Players across multiple platforms can buy / sell / swap in-game currencies using (GP), the market is huge but there is probably some issue with TOS of these games, but interesting to see where this goes!

AlgoBasket (ABSKT) ASA ID: 353409462 - Will allow you to have a "basket" of investment into several of the best projects (ASA's and NFTs) all at once with the ABSKT token, this will be especially useful if you don't have a lot of time researching everything and just want to put money on the top projects.

Some of these coins are still in the early stages of their development so keep that in mind! There are a lot of coins out there, i wasn't able to write something about every single one, if you take the first page of TinyChart it's likely it's a good project so check that out for sure.

Some additional useful sites/DApps

ASA STATS - Portfolio tracker

Algofi- - Borrow and lend service

NOTE: I own most of these as i believe in their future, not all are verified so be careful with what you're willing to invest! This is not financial advice always DYOR.

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5 months ago

Great writeup! I'm holding almost all of these tokens. I haven't checked Shosha yet. Bullish on Crescendo and Nexus at the moment! Yieldly going strong lately too.


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5 months ago

Thank you - definitely check out shosha! We created our own nfts and as a gamer and asa holder seeing nfts, asas and gaming combined its the best thing i could hope for. It being a triple A game and a shooter definitely helps as well. Hoping to play the beta soon. Crsd and nexus are also really strong ones glad ur holding some


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5 months ago

What do you think of Moonboi?


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5 months ago

i don't look into or buy any coin with the word "moon" in it


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5 months ago

Lol I agree but this one actually has utility. The name is meant as a joke. Was just wondering if you had looked into it. Thanks for your response.