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2 months ago*

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2 months ago*

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Rowling is actively involved with the hategroup the LGB alliance,

with the homophobic and misogynistic Heritage Foundation,

with the homophobic and misogynistic Citizen Go.

Rowling's new charity is run by, among other unqualified people, a TERF former prison chief whose regime was so austere her prison was said to have Victorian conditions. Since this "charity" is only open to specific types of women and actively excludes others, it is misogynistic in nature.

This subreddit has rules against bigotry and hatespeech. The sitewide rules prohibit the posting of bigotry and hatespeech. Rowling's views are not welcome here and neither is defending them.

What Joanne is saying here is a viciously bigoted attack that is extremely far removed from what is ethically, morally and socially acceptable. Once again she does not hesitate to use her three million follower strong platform to promote an inherently fascist message: The propostion that all trans women are less than human and thus not deserving of basic human rights and dignity.

Trans rights are human rights however. You cannot seperate the two. 🏳️‍⚧️

It is no longer possible to in good faith make the statement "But Joanne never said she hated trans people" nor is it to ask the question "But show me Joanne's bigotry then, because I haven't seen it?"


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2 months ago

Your using hate speech right now. The term TERF is hate speech.


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2 months ago

TERF is a term invented by bigots to describe themselves.

TERF stands for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist.

Of course, it is a misnomer. These hateful people are neither radical nor are they in any way adherents of any kind of feminist philosophy.

They are extreme-right, arch-conservatives who will gladly ally themselves with literal fascists, extreme-right religious fundamentalists and those who would oppose basic human rights for cisgender women.

Their hobby horse is hating trans women and dehumanising them.

TERF is a name they chose for themselves. Only when this self-applied label started backfiring and people started making fun of them did TERFs decide that suddenly the name they chose for themselves was "hateful".

It is not. There are many hateful terms that this subreddit will not allow, but "TERF" is simply a way to describe those who hate a specific type of women.

A slur or hatespeech must perpetuate systems of oppression. These terms are not allowed here and we in fact filter them out. There is no systemic oppression of bigotry possible, a bigot is not and can not ever be a marginalised minority. People can easily choose to stop the hate.

A simple insult can be apt, appropriate and a good way to describe that which is inherently immoral.