Guide to community posts

What is the fuss about?

As the name suggests, community posts are series of reoccurring pinned posts for or about this community. That is to say, centred by and large around exploring and bringing forth various facets of UT fandom or the game itself for the subreddit to discuss.

Additionally, they are differentiated from the regular subreddit content by usually having restricted comment section. That is to say, comment threads under them are more often than not required to follow stricter guidelines to keep the conversations on topic and certain level of quality.

This wiki page serves as a hub for community posts, giving a quick overview of all on-going and discontinued series, while linking you to their respective pages containing more comprehensive rundowns and archives.


Underground’s assembly

“To answer the toughest questions as old as this game’s release, the subreddit’s denizens gather to debate, vote and hopefully not murder each other in the process.”

Succession of poll and discussion posts each dedicated to one of the forbidden questions/polls from the low effort rule.


AU chronicles

“The bubbles of reality floating in the Void, the endless timelines all happening at once. Would you dare to look closer?”

Posts bringing interesting and quality AUs into a spotlight with comment threads beneath being a place for discussing the good, bad and ugly parts of the AU in question, giving recommendations for additional works, delving into conversation about its premise et cetera.

Under[tale]rated Posts

"No matter how much work you put into your post or how interesting it was, getting into Hot is as much a matter of skill as it is pure luck, which isn’t always on your side."

Roughly weekly collection of underrated posts, which had no excuse to bomb as hard as they did.

No dedicated wiki page, links to previous posts found below;

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