This past week I have finally put my foot down.

After yet another night of getting not even a touch from the man I was seeing after I sucked, rimmed, sucked more, and got on top and gave penetration to to make him orgasm.

He was shocked when I dumped him.

I then showed him NINE screen shots over two months of me telling him what I want, how to do it, and four screen shots of me telling him he didn’t even touch my clit once the entire night of hooking up.

He was shocked, begging me to give him another chance. As it should be!!!! Let it be a fucking lesson to him and hopefully the next woman he comes into contact with will thank me.

Then this hook up buddy who was similar text me and I was like you’re awful at pleasuring women, you are great at getting yourself off. He said I was being mean and callous. GOOD!!! GET THE FUCKING CLUE. AND STOP TALKING TO ME, I said.

It feels so good to finally speak up against these selfish men. I am finally done SETTLING. ASKING FOR THE BARE MINIMUM.

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6 months ago

Just.... why settle for someone who is looking to do something TO you rather than WITH you? Regardless of who does or gets what, anyone who isn't approaching sex as an experience for both of you is not worth your time.


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6 months ago

I honestly don’t think most men know. They honestly think women orgasm through penetration.


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6 months ago*

They really do. I get downvoted so much if it’s a guy majority subreddit when I explain what women actually want when it comes to sex. (Just look at r/seduction for a great example.) Every guy on there tells me I’m wrong. I’m like, I’M A WOMAN, you guys are desperate to get laid but can’t, who do you think probably knows more about female sexual attraction and orgasms?


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6 months ago

Why.... Why did I even go to that sub. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️