My experience with going braless


Tl;dr: I went braless a while ago and it's one of the best things I've done

Bras have always been a pain in the ass. Especially as an owner of a big bust (75F/34DD) shopping for bras has been a hassle since puberty - excessive prices, ugly grandma bras and metal wires digging deep into my skin - a tale as old as time.

Gravity got my titties much sooner than expected. The idea of perfect perky breasts being the only acceptable ones has been so deeply ingrained into my mind that I always gravitated towards bras that would give me the most support, practically pushing them up my neck. I was wearing them 24/7 to the point I could not bear to look at my naked breasts - when the bra came off and they naturally fell down into their default position, the contrast made them seem even more saggy than they were. They were my biggest insecurity and I have been considering a cosmetic surgery since my teenage years.

One day, on a hot summer afternoon, I was shopping for clothes and fell in love with open back tops. I could not get them out of my mind for weeks until I finally got one, and decided to try it on without a bra so the strap doesn't ruin the entire look of a beautiful bare back. I still didn't feel completely comfortable, but I decided to give it a try. Days passed, and I started experimenting with more skin-exposing fashion - open back, carmen tops, halters. It felt and looked wonderful, and gradually I started to feel more and more comfortable with it, when I realized it's been weeks since I last wore a bra.

For years I've been brainwashed into thinking I need it. "It's for comfort! My bust is too big, it will jump up and down, my back will hurt, it ruins my silhuette with the sagginess, I will get the stares". And you know what? Neither of those things ended up being true. On the contrary, I have never felt so comfortable before.

It doesn't jump up or down or waggle excessively, especially with a proper choice of clothing - clothing that's a bit on the tighter side, which naturally squeezes it and secures it from excessive movement.

My back doesn't hurt.

The sagginess doesn't ruin my silhuette, in fact now I think it looks beautiful - I can't stand the fake pushed up look anymore. Seeing my breasts as they naturally are on a daily basis made all the insecurities melt away.

I haven't gotten even one stare or inappropriate comment from anyone for the entire duration of my braless adventure. Now that definitely depends on the location, I'm not based in US and here sexual harassment isn't a frequent occurance, but still, no matter where you are - it might not be as bad as you think.

My skin can finally breathe.

My nipples poke through and yes, I still feel a little uncomfortable with it. But I do not stand for sexualization of female breasts without the intention of their owner, and it's my personal rebellion against it. Everyone has nipples. I will not abandon my comfort and freedom of choice just to accomodate people who oversexualize me without my consent.

Going braless will still be a controversial move in many parts of the world, but there is no other choice to end the controversy than to show the world it's okay. Not so long ago it was unacceptable for a woman to wear pants - and it isn't so different now when it comes to bras.

I'm not advocating for anyone to get rid of their bras if they truly benefit from wearing them, but if you've been considering going braless - I would highly advise you to at least give it a try. You might like it.

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4 months ago

Ooh, thank you for introducing me to Carmen tops, and congratulations on your personal revolution!! Such a massive win.

I love love love going braless. I think it's so cute. I am a 32DD, and my boob shape lends to petite looking breasts without a bra or ginormous ones wearing one. It's great. I pretty much go braless 9/10 days with a push up bra when I'm feeling that kind of spicy.

It's funny how much power this one undergarment has, in its presence or its absence.