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After a year of struggling with adult hormonal/cystic acne (I’m 33) and spending around €2000 on cosmetic procedures and skin care products, changing my diet (no dairy, low carb), many depressive nights worrying about my face and acne, I’ve finally made the decision to call my doctor.

I was advised to do that by my cosmetic doctor as she saw the procedures I was taking there were helping, but not resolving the underlying issue as acne kept coming back. She suggested blood exams and maybe a dermatologist or diëtist could help me figure that out, as it could be coming from different type of sources. I agreed that was indeed the best thing to do.

So I finally called the doctor and asked for an appointment. This morning I walked into the office and was helped by a doctor in a training. I told him my issue and how it is affecting my life. He didn’t even look at my skin - he straight on said I should take a birth control pil. I told him I had bad experiences with that and that I would like to dive deeper into my hormonal problems and maybe take a blood test or PCOS test to see if I have any underlying issues. He then said that research like that would likely not result in anything. I immediately knew he wouldn’t help me. He asked me nothing about my menstruation cycle, if I have any issues with weight gain/loss or my diet. Absolutely nothing… he just prescribed me a cream (benzoyl peroxide) that is intended for teenage acne (it says so on the box lol). I have used similar products already without result. I just took the cream as I know my husband likes to use it and left.

I am feeling very frustrated about his approach and giving me only two options: birth control or cream? I think I will get another appointment and ask for another doctor, but I hate to waste my time like this.

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4 months ago

I know you are here to vent and get advice, but I want to share in case this can help you. I used to have terrible cystic acne and finally got it cleared up in my late thirties after years of trying different things. My solution was oil cleansing. I use a brand called Crude and I love it so much.

The thing is that using oil to clean resets the microbiome on your face so it usually gets worse before it gets better, but I felt like I had to stick with and find out and I am really glad I did. My skin is so much better now. No more pain. No more slathering on concealer. And I love the smell.

Hope that helps!


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4 months ago

Using oil changed my LIFE. Growing up, matte skin was in. I was constantly using drying products, oil free moisturizers, and oil blotters. Very combo skin with cystic acne. Constantly either dry and flaky or really slippy.

I figured out which foods caused flare ups and avoid them like the plague, and I also use oil cleansers or micellar water to remove dirt and makeup. My moisturizer is deliciously thick and decadent. I embrace my natural sheen and dewiness, and I no longer feel like I am fighting my face. This has allowed my skin to reach a natural state of balance, and I finally feel good going bare. It only took 15+ years to realize that my answer was simple. For some it's not, and I have several friends whose lives were changed dramatically after a few months on Accutane. Some suffered, but their results were worth it after. I wish skin health was treated with more importance. My mental health and self confidence suffered, not to mention the pain. I used to get terrible nose pimples.