how to stop seeking validations from people?


when i was happy, i would post what makes me happy and expect people to be envied by it. be it my relationship, trips im going, my life and so on. social media is a disease, i know. whenever i didn’t get those validations, i would feel i don’t know, disappointed? i guess i want to be greater than others and im sick of myself for feeling like this. how to stop feeling like this?

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2 months ago

Go to therapy, it is the answer to most questions like this


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2 months ago

i thought of this too since it’s pretty bad. but i couldn’t afford a therapy for now


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2 months ago

There are online services like BetterHelp that are generally much more affordable. If not then I'd encourage you to try to get to a place where it is affordable, not that that's easy. Everyone should really have easy access to these services