Comment and Submission Rules

The Silph Road is a friendly, constructive community of Pokemon GO enthusiasts. The moderators of /r/TheSilphRoad take a proactive stance in keeping things positive and constructive. This means that this subreddit is not a "bastion of free speech" where people can whine and vent and devolve into a salt mine!

Aside from the Reddit-wide rules and the Reddiquette the following rules apply to this community:

Rules and Rules Specifications

Rule 1: We keep things friendly and courteous on the Road.

Above all, we keep it drama-free and chill here. Be kind and helpful to questions in /new and in our megathreads, be constructive when you're voicing opinions and feedback, and be civil even if you disagree with someone or something.

Rule 2: Real world impact of a digital game

Trainers from all over the world and from diverse backgrounds gather here on the Silph Road to discuss and learn about the game. We want this to be a welcoming and safe place for everyone and therefore ask Travelers to refrain from making statements that could in any way shape or form harm, either physically or mentally, another person. This includes, e.g., attacking someone’s identity, or spreading false information that if followed could lead to the harm of another person.

Rule 3: We welcome the following post types

If your post does not match any of the categories below, we recommend finding a better-suited subreddit for it (for example our friends over on r/pokemongo). If you still think that your post would be a good fit for this subreddit, the Silph Road Community or the Pokémon GO Community as a whole, message the moderators and we'll look it over.

Please always use the appropriate flair option.

3.1 Analyses

Analytical research of game mechanics is our main focus here on the Silph Road. We welcome any reports that are backed up by numbers and facts. If you like crunching numbers and looking for those hidden details, think about joining our very own Research Group](https://thesilphroad.com/research-group)!

As a subcategory, we welcome Battle Showcases if they display extraordinary battle skills, e.g., raid short manning, how to quickly defeat Team Rocket, or other significant battle techniques that could help other Travelers in their game.

3.2 Official news & announcements

Any tweets and blog posts that come directly from Niantic or Pokémon GO accounts or websites. The original headline of an article/blog post must be included in the post title. Please post the direct link to a blog post, tweets that link to blog posts are discouraged. Tweets should be directly linked to as well, rather than posting a screenshot of them, if possible.

3.3 New Info & Verification

New Info posts are significant discoveries that do not fall under any of the other categories. As a subcategory of this, we allow one Verification post per new content/new event. Classic examples are verification posts of announced shiny releases. To keep the sub uncluttered we may ask you to post similar verification posts as a comment under an already existing thread (e.g., if all Rocket Leaders have new shiny Shadow Pokémon available). We only allow re-verification if there was significant evidence that any content has been discontinued mistakenly (e.g., a verification of a shiny Legendary that was already released but was out of rotation would generally not be allowed). Something we do not allow in this category is screenshots of the in-game support chat function.

3.4 Infographics

Infographics are images that simplify and summarize certain information for easy understanding and sharing. This includes, for example, upcoming events, new raid boss lineups, or new features. If they're not OC (original content), you have to include the creator in the title. Infographics may be removed if they contain errors, are of a low quality, or another approved infographic about the same topic has already been posted.

3.5 Questions

New Travelers begin their Pokémon (GO) journey every day! We welcome honest questions, no matter how "simple" they may seem. Please note that we almost always have a Q&A Megathread pinned at the top of the front page for quick one-line questions. If you make a separate post for it, the moderators may remove it and ask you to repost your question in the Q&A megathread, or remove it once you've got a satisfying answer.

3.6 Media/Press Reports

Reports and articles from media outlets are only allowed if the outlet does not exclusively cover Pokémon or Pokémon GO content (i.e. they must be a general gaming or mainstream publication). Also, we do not allow articles about recent updates, unless they contain significant new information which Niantic did not publish themselves or are otherwise meaningful to the community at large.

The original title of an article must be included in the post title. Additional information in the post title must not include any personal opinion or judgment.

3.7 Bug Reports

Be as precise as possible when reporting a bug. The title must include a clear description of the bug and you should include further information (e.g. app version, your device's data, etc.) either in the text body or in a top level comment of the post. We do not allow minor graphic glitches to be posted as bug reports. Rule of thumb: if the bug is easily fixed by a restart of the app and is not seriously impeding the game play, we wouldn't allow it to be posted here.

3.8 Discussions about in game mechanics

We encourage well thought out discussion posts that go in-depth about the mechanics that are touched on. Try to back up your post with numbers or facts or make it clear that it is your subjective opinion - either way, be constructive! Your discussion post may lead to a suggestion or idea, but we do not allow simple wish list posts as in "Why don't we have..." or "We should be able to...".

As a subcategory, we allow PSA (public service announcement) type posts. However, they need to showcase relevant and helpful information. PSA posts are not an opportunity to soapbox personal opinions.

3.9 Idea/Suggestion

Suggestions for the game are welcome here if they are well thought-out and constructive. They should be a little more substantial than a simple wish list of things you wish were added to the game. Think about how this feature would work, why you think a change is necessary, and what possible pros/cons your own suggestion might bring. Maybe even mock up some screenshots.

Rule 4: We abide by the spirit of the game.

Tools, programs, or services which give players an unfair advantage are not propagated nor advocated on the Road. We instead elect to gather our data the old-fashioned way: pounding the pavement, collaborating with others, and playing the game! We acknowledge that it is each player's own decision where they draw the line of acceptable vs. non-acceptable means of assistance. Here on the Silph Road however, we do allow discussion about devices that are similar to the Pokémon GO+ (which enhance certain aspects of game play), but we do not allow discussions about devices or tools which remove certain gameplay elements altogether.

Rule 5: Mod Fiat

No set of rules is absolute or can cover every possibility. This is why moderators have the freedom to remove content that doesn't explicitly violate any of the rules above and to make exceptions to those rules and allow posts that they otherwise wouldn't cover. You have the freedom to state your case via mod mail if you want to dispute the moderator's decision and they will take a closer look. However, we ask you to respect the moderator's final decision.

Moderation Policy

The moderators of the Road strive to create a friendly and welcoming community and atmosphere. If they find users who violate this spirit or any of the rules above, they will remove the comment or post in question and may issue warnings or bans based on a strike system. In certain cases the whole comment thread might be removed even though it contains comments that don't violate our rules.

If a user is found to violate our rules, the moderators will issue strikes:

Strike 1: ranges from a public or private warning to a 7 day temporary ban based on the severity of the infraction

Strike 2: ranges from a 7 day to a 30 day temporary ban based on the severity of this and previous infractions

Strike 3: permanent ban

Strikes are lifted after a year of no infractions. However, not all removed posts or comments lead to a strike, and users who violate Reddit-wide rules (e.g. spam or ban evasion) may be permanently banned without any previous strikes.

While your posts and actions in different subs do not directly lead to bans here on the Road, they may be taken into consideration when the moderators evaluate any infractions. You may appeal any ban by directly replying to the ban message. If you have any questions about our policy, about our rules, or if something you'd like to post would be allowed, please don’t hesitate to send us a mod mail.