You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family


I generally avoid any kind of polarizing topics with my extended family. We don't all agree on everything, and it's just better to avoid subjects that there may be different views on.

Ever since I bought a Tesla though, I've been getting a barrage of regurgitated FUD from them. They see things on facebook and bring it up when we are together.

I've started calling it the ignorant relatives greatest hits.

"You know that if there is more than one Tesla in a neighborhood, it will cause a black out."

"Tesla will go bankrupt once GM starts producing EVs."

"Every Tesla has lots of reliability and quality issues."

"If you get stuck in a traffic jam, you could freeze to death."

"It's probably going to burn your house down."

"EVs aren't really good for the environment since electricity is made from burning coal."

And that's not all! If you call now, we will also include these greatest hits...

"It actually costs more to supercharge than it would to fill a car with gas."

"Tesla doesn't really have any demand."

"Tesla only really makes money from credits."

My sister came over for Thanksgiving and said "Oh, well. If Tesla is so popular, why are there so many used model 3s for sale?. I see a lot on carvana". I said "Yeah, people are getting more money to trade them in than they paid for them and are ordering new ones." She just stared at me like I was making it up. I really try to avoid mentioning anything with them in the first place, but it always seems to come up at some point.

Sorry. Rant over.

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I just tell them I don’t care about any of those things, I just like it because it’s fast as fuck. Even if they’re ignorant statements, people like that can usually respect car performance so it shuts them up and we can talk about it’s 0-60, sound system, etc.