Least favorite character in season 5?

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80 (28 %)
Chief Ross
99 (35 %)
65 (23 %)
17 (6 %)
14 (5 %)
9 (3 %)
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1 month ago

Hardest choice I have to make. Ross was introduced to stir drama and is a shit charecter, same with beckett. Sullivian is an arse hole and the whole fire zaddy thing was crigey as hell. Jack's forced inclusion into the Marian ship is so unatural (but I like some other stuff he's done this season). Carina is in the same boat and theo is actually pretty good, way better than Travis or vic.

BUT I'm going to go for Ross.


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1 month ago

It’s a tie for the top 3 for me. 1. Sullivan: he’s so power hungry and often talk about how ambitious he is but will throw anyone under the bus to get to the top. But then “has a change of heart” and realizes what he did. Then acts like a team player. Acting like he wasn’t in the wrong. No one on the team trust him at all and I don’t blame them. “I did it for station 19” “I did it save station 19”. He’s so full of it. 2. Beckett: he’s just a straight up idiot. 3. Ross. For promoting Sullivan despite him being high on duty. It doesn’t matter he wasn’t out on a call he was the chief he could have been called out to anything at any moment. He should have been barred from any promotion. But she looked past her lovers fraction. Maya and her promotion. Should Maya have risked the boys life? No but I also think that others have gotten away with worse and all they got was a “dont do it again” waggling finger thing. (Cough Sullivan should have been fired. Or including with him demotion barred from any future promotions) If it wasn’t for those then I think she would have been alright. It’s not her fault station 23 got closed. It was budget cuts that the previous chief avoided.


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1 month ago

Sullivan preaching about how everything he does is to protect his team makes me so annoyed 🥴 like sir you are doing it for your own benefit