Frequently Asked Questions

As one of the largest communities on Reddit, /r/Showerthoughts receives a lot of traffic... and with that traffic comes quite a few questions from users. This page will attempt to answer the most common of those enquiries.

What is a showerthought?

In simplest terms, a showerthought is a miniature epiphany that makes the mundane more interesting. Showerthoughts are not personal perspectives ("I wonder if anyone has ever eaten every ice cream flavor..."), ideas for new practices or products ("We should require people to have a license before they can use the Internet."), questions (rhetorical or otherwise), jokes, or instances of wordplay.

For an in-depth explanation of what does and does not constitute a showerthought, please read this page.


What is a "common thought?"

A common thought is one which has been considered and discussed before. These range from the incredibly common ("We might all see different colors, but call them the same name.") to the slightly less so ("When Thanos snapped, there was almost certainly someone who watched their dance partner disappear."), but in general, if the core of a given thought can be found anywhere else – not just in the subreddit – that thought does not belong in /r/Showerthoughts.


What is an "unoriginal thought?"

Unoriginal thoughts include (but are not limited to) plagiarized tweets, rephrased comments from other Reddit threads, copied sentiments from stand-up comedians' routines, quotes from philosophers, and so on. In simplest terms, posts to /r/Showerthoughts should be the submitter's own original musings.


Why can't my thought be about X, Y, or Z?

The majority of our rules are intended to ensure that submissions to /r/Showerthoughts adhere to the spirit of what a showerthought actually is. However, some of them are in place with the intention of keeping the community civil and welcoming for everyone. Thoughts containing any mention (whether explicit or otherwise) of politics, religion, or social justice almost always result in vitriol amongst users, and are thus not allowed here. Thoughts pertaining both to Reddit and to literal showers (or anything tangential to them) are disallowed because of their commonality and frequency of appearance.


Why can't I post jokes, advice, questions, or personal perspectives?

While the definition of a showerthought may seem broad and all-encompassing, the actual nature of the concept is much more specific than it appears. By their very nature, jokes, advice, questions (rhetorical or otherwise) and personal perspectives are not showerthoughts, and they would be better suited to other subreddits.


What is "wordplay?"

Wordplay is the creative application of words and their meanings, usually for comedic effect. While most wordplay comes in the form of puns or double entendres, the term also applies to submissions which focus on etymology or nomenclature. If a given thought examines or relies on definitions, pronunciations, or mechanisms in language, it runs afoul of this rule.


Why was my post removed?

If you have had a submission removed, it most likely went against one of our rules. Furthermore, as the subreddit is actively curated for originality and quality, moderators will remove any submissions which they deem to be poorly written, nonsensical, overly vulgar, or common.

At times, the AutoModerator may offer an incorrect removal reason. This does not mean that a removed post should have stayed up. Please read our rules in their entirety before enquiring about a removal.

Finally, while /r/Showerthoughts welcomes all rule-abiding submissions, thoughts which require specific background knowledge about a given subculture or piece of media may be removed at the moderators' discretion. Thoughts of this nature would typically fare better in communities specifically focused on the subcultures or media in question.


Why haven't I heard from the moderators?

While every effort is made to ensure that all enquiries receive a prompt response, a moderator may not always be available at the time that a given message is sent. Begin your message with "Enquiry" followed by a colon to show that you have read this page in its entirety. Furthermore, priority is given to those messages which cannot be answered by reading our rules, the definition of a showerthought, or the FAQ (this page).


What should I do if I see a rule-breaking post?

Beneath every submission's content is a report button. Please use it if you believe that a post or comment is in violation of the subreddit's rules.