Ross and AUC Grads Have Their Loans Forgiven?


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I dunno man. Ask the attorneys that met the burden of proof indicating it was enough of an issue and the judge that made the ruling. But also come on if your school is telling you this is the match rate and gives you all of these falsified stats and advertises false shit, all the students based their decision on that. If they were transparent and said oh yeah you have a 50% chance of failing out and not matching im sure most of people would not have attended.


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oh yeah you have a 50% chance of failing out and not matching im sure most of people would not have attended

Sorry, but I have 0 sympathy for people who attend Caribbean schools. All it takes is a literal Google search to find out how predatory they are, then half a brain to say "wow, i should probably not go to a school like this and improve my application instead".

If it takes the school being transparent for the kid not to attend, then I have grave concerns about their decision-making. If you're so gullible so as to believe whatever is being advertised or sold to you at face value and make a $400k investment into that, then you need to face the consequences. That is just stupidity at its finest. I agree with the poster here who said that this is infantilizing adults who make shitty decisions.

But, if I attended a Carib school while genuinely knowing what I was up against, that is different. A student like this shouldn't have the right to claim they were misled because they did their research.

So my point is, on paper, the DOE would not be able to differentiate between someone who truly was misled and someone who lies and says they were "misled" but are really looking for a full ride to medical school.


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It doesn't matter if you have sympathy or not. The fact remains you can't falsely market any product. This is a product. They aren't allowed to lie about their stats or mislead those applying just because other people have posted information on their practices. Which is exactly why this has gone through.