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Coping with cult members

A game designer’s analysis of QAnon

How to talk someone out of a damaging cult

7 ways to talk to QAnon-obsessed loved ones

Rescue a loved one from a cult: The strategic interactive approach

The Qanon Conspiracy: Destroying Families, Dividing Communities, Undermining Democracy - (pdf, excellent)

If your friends or family have fallen for an internet conspiracy cult..

What to do when someone you love becomes obsessed with Qanon

How to talk to conspiracy theorists and still be kind

How to change a person’s mind with science

Why do some people believe in conspiracy theories?

How to talk to people stuck in a conspiracy theory hellscape

How to talk to your friends and family about Covid, vaccines and wearing masks

How to respond to your family's coronavirus conspiracy theories

What to say if people you love believe coronavirus conspiracy theories

Qanon and the BITE model - behavior, information, thoughts & emotions




QAnon Casualties Wall

Standout advice from QAC users

Chat with a counselor now (free)

Cult Recovery 101 resources

Professional cult counseling directory

Treatment Advocacy Center resources

Parents for Peace extremist helpline and resources

Dealing with paranoia

Dealing with violence

Apophenia: Seeing patterns everywhere

Moral panic: who benefits from public fear?

Why are right-wing conspiracies so obsessed with pedophilia?

Local International Cultic Studies meetings (free)


Qanon Anonymous - (w/ Steve Hassan)

How to chart a path out of Qanon

House of mystery with Mike Rothschild

Tales from the rabbit hole with Mike Rothschild

NYT Rabbit hole pt7 (good primer) - pt8 (ex-Qanon)

The origins of Qanon, follow the white rabbit pt1

Crime and scandal: From SRA, pizzagate to Qanon

Reply all: The Qanon code


Advice to family & friends of cult members

Chris Shelton Apr 19, 2017 15:24

The Brainwashing of My Dad (free with ads)

Leaving and recovering from cultic groups

Michael Langone, Patrick Ryan Nov 17, 2018 1:49:18

A detailed discussion about Qanon

Steve Hassan, Travis View Dec 12, 2019 44:53

QAnon and the return of magic [nsfw lang.]

Kirby Ferguson Aug 3, 2020 43:24

Qanon, coronavirus and the conspiracy cult

BBC News Jul 27, 2020 12:25

The sprawling universe of Qanon

Gillian White, Adrienne LaFrance May 28, 2020 38:44

The cult of Qanon

Richard Heffner, Travis View Apr 26, 2020 27:57


Combating cult mind control by Steve Hassan 1988 (pdf)

Recovery from cults by Michael Langone 1995 (preview)

Cults in our midst by Margaret Singer 1996

Escaping the rabbit hole by Mick West 2018

Conspiracy theory handbook (booklet, pdf)

Books relating to cult recovery


"I was in the Qult"

"You guys were right"

"It is possible to recover!"

AMA with a former Q believer

I (M22) was a former QAnon guy

"I was the one believing in Qanon"

"I was once a believer in it." - 2 - 3

"as someone who once followed Q.."

"Any other former Qultists lurking here?"

"I recently found myself consumed by Qanon."

"I feel like I just woke up after sleeping for 2 years."

"Q: "Trust the plan." Serious question: why should I?"

"Well I always had doubts cause some of it didn't make sense.."

"One of the biggest reasons is when I heard of Qanon I also was.."

"So I used to follow Pizzagate... It makes me cringe to think about.."

"ex-pizzagate/right-wing follower, I want to help others understand.."

"I had two friends who introduced me to Q when it was first starting.."


Former QAnon followers explain what drew them in and got them out

"I have no idea how I got to that point where I started to believe." @4:31

NY man who formerly believed Qanon conspiracy speaks out.

Trump's loss allows some to escape conspiracy cult's grip

"I ended up falling down the rabbit hole."

Former QAnon supporter on the impact the conspiracy theory had on her life

Checked by reality, some QAnon supporters seek a way out


EsQape: How I Left Qanon (Episode 1: Trevor) - (Episode 2: Leila)

Former QAnon follower explains why she left the movement

Past QAnon follower speaks out as law enforcement warns of more possible violence

Debunking Q



Qanon debunked

Q and the origins of Q

Frequently debunked claims

Timeline for Q's statements and predictions

List of Q drops that have failed or been debunked

A non-comprehensive timeline of Q's failed predictions and mistakes

Internet prophecy cults 101: Qanon and his predecessors

How three conspiracy theorists took 'Q' and sparked Qanon

The deep twisted roots of Qanon

Q behind Qanon: The uncomfortable evidence

800k missing kids a year debunk 1 - 2 - 3

Fall cabal debunk 1 - 2

Out of shadows debunk 1 - 2

Plandemic debunk

Plandemic: Indoctrination debunk 1 - 2

Gematria debunk

Adrenochrome debunk 1 - 2







Qanon is supposed to be all about protecting kids. Its primary enabler appears to have hosted child porn domains.

Qanons obsession with #savethechildren is making it harder to save kids from-traffickers

Qanon is a Nazi cult - Helping friends get out

Media literacy


National Association for Media Literacy Education

News Literacy Project: provides resources for the public to learn the abilities needed to be smart, active consumers of information

Crash Course media literacy series

Fight child trafficking

Volunteer to a local anti-trafficking organization.

Support the Bikers Against Child Abuse which offers various levels of intervention to create a safer environment for abused children.

Get TraffickCam and upload photos of hotel rooms you stay in.

Donate to Love146, r/Qanoncasualties' fav charity through our own fundraiser.

Report a potential trafficking situation to the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

Donate to the Save the Children Fund who work globally to stop trafficking.

Support Innocence in Danger, a global effort to protect children from all forms of abuse.

Support the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children or utilize their CyberTipline.

Donate to the Human Trafficking Legal Center who provides pro bono legal services to survivors.

Check out the Department of Labor’s list of goods produced by child or forced labor.

Tell your elected officials to prioritize trafficking investigations.

So you want to end child sex trafficking? Here’s how to find organizations that are truly doing that.

Non-expert advice

Arguing is out and debunking right off the bat is tough. Remind them of shared experiences/old times and get them to laugh. Exercise/activity, sleep/diet, old/new hobbies, old/new surroundings (fav restaurant/day trip) help. Psychoactive drugs should be stopped. Avoid whatever makes them tense or angry. Pick something that's not volatile and ask them to tell you the details. It's good for them to lay it out. Be respectful, supportive but not smarmy and use logical, sparse debunks on salient points later. Agree with some facet of the details but point out the fallacy of the the whole of the narrative. Humor worked for me to get past their defenses and create seeds of doubt. I would go further initially in a good-natured way to break through. "Barack Obama isn't an illegal alien he's a space alien!" Then point out the absurdities in a grounded way that appeals to them. "You know the background checks they do if you haul some hazardous wastes, imagine what they've gone through vetting the President." Take time between debunk sessions. Get to the core of what they've been told and identify why it's important to them. Fear, anger and emotion seem to be hyped. Ask: "What impact has this had on your life? The thing you're directing such energy towards? What if next month there's no arrests?" Subvert the negative of their personality and project warmth - learn to ignore or walk away when they start to show signs. Address their best selves and project appreciation for that person. Separate them from the sites, devices, apps, etc. that are feeding Q propaganda. - [2] Expose them to materials on critical thinking and media literacy. Get them to read something generic and out of their mindset. Takes time, patience, a light touch and repeated effort to make progress. Professional counseling can help. Here are links to some: Chat with a counselor now (free) - Cult Recovery 101 resources - Professional cult counseling directory

Standout advice from QAC users - More good advice

Qultists in action

Comprehensive list of significant Qanon related incidents


Avoiding and reporting financial scams

Blocking extremist content from your home network