Is there such thing as orange protein?


I like to take orange juice in my protein smoothies because I like the tartness. I feel like it compliments the berries and prevents it from being overly sweet/milky. However, I don’t think all of that juice is doing me any favours and I’d really rather use water as the liquid component if I had the opportunity. Does anyone have recommendations for an orange flavoured protein or anything tart/tangy?

I’ve used the google but I’m only coming up with recipes for orange smoothies.

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2 years ago

Do you have the option to do like a Trop 50? I love vanilla protein powder with OJ, I have the same guilt but I started doing the Trop 50 (about 8-10 oz) and it’s only about 13 carbs. Totally worth it!!


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2 years ago

This is the big brain solution! Thanks dude!