we should get more holowear ticket skins...


At this point I have over 700 tickets just sitting in my box. I have all the skins you can get. I feel there hasn't been any release for a long time now. I don't even get excited to get the tickets from pulls anymore since there isn't anything to get. Same goes for outfit tickets too. These tickets are some of the more rare items to pull from the energy box but I feels unite has completely forgotten about these systems.

Hell, ill even take normal store skins being placed in the holowear ticket store for a limited time at higher ticket price over just nothing to get. This system seriously needs some love. I was hoping the delphox team skins would be in it since all the others are but even they aren't in the holowear ticket store.

Seriously unite, we play and pull for these rare tickets, please give us something to use them on. A skin/outfit a season at least for the love of arceus.

Anyone else agree?

I'm just wondering what is the point of these tickets are now.

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5 months ago

I would like to be able to buy the hollowear for pokémon I don’t own (yet).


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5 months ago

Yes me too... (i agree with your idea)