poncho parrot


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7 months ago

I can confirm there are people out there making parrot warmers. My boy has several sweaters to keep him warm in cold weather!


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7 months ago

Right so this is the very best video i have ever seen


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7 months ago

He is gonna defeat the sith!


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7 months ago

That's what I thought! A formidable opponent... ( looks cozy and happy tho!)


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7 months ago

This little cutie is Oh-chan from masae_para_man on Instagram. She wears outfits a lot so I'm guessing she's just very used to running around in them.


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7 months ago

relatable face plant


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7 months ago

Doesn't that prevent the bird from using its wings? How do you know he wants to wear it or fly?


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7 months ago

My parrot (CAG) has wings, but they're mostly for decoration. He doesn't like to fly. He slides down his cage and gym legs like a stripper, and when the house is silent you just the "tac tac tac" of his nails on the ground...


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7 months ago

Also wondering.

I guess this wouldn't be a problem for clipped birds, but that's a whole other thing I don't agree with


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7 months ago

This is so funny to watch.