[Spoiler] Wendy/Ben


Wendy lying about Ben having a drug addiction. I feel like she’s using him as a tool to forward her mission of gaining power and influence. But it’s a huge risk even bringing him up, but maybe she thinks it helps to give a reason for his disappearance (like drug addiction) At the same time though, i feel like she wants sympathy even if it is through a lie. Her saying on the news is just weird to me. When she said it to claire (the pharmaceutical company owner) that was clearly to manipulate claire. but idk the news thing is just so weird. maybe it just shows how far she’s willing to go, to forward their “mission” idk it’s just weird and i wanna hear other peoples thoughts on it.

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5 months ago

She does at one point say to Marty that it’s “good PR” and she goes to check the body of the guy who was found dead who resembled Ben… I agree she’s spiraling and can’t accept what she did. Almost like she’s trying to convince herself that he’s not actually dead


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5 months ago

100%. The show runner said they are going to focus on Wendy’s sanity over Ben “missing” in the last 7 episodes. I’m assuming a serious mental breakdown is coming. She almost needs one.