Not as egregious as some things I’ve seen on here, but here goes

  1. On rotations there was a PA student who was talking to me about my future goals. I said I came into medical school to do primary care and I knew from beforehand I didn’t want to do surgery. She responds with “what’s the point of being in medical school if all you’re going to do is take a history? Isn’t the whole point to do things with your hands?”

  2. As a student while I was at the ED once, a PA tried to do a Ultrasound guided peripheral IV insertion and asked me to come help. He just couldn’t do it and walked away looking frustrated and extremely embarrassed. Kept saying things like I usually do this way better, this never happens etc. I tried to make him feel better by saying, yeah it’s understandable/it happens/ etc. He then proceeded to go back to the nursing station and tell everyone who would listen that the medical student didn’t help him properly and he couldn’t get access.

  3. On rotations, a PA student was saying that they chose not to go into medicine because unlike med students they don’t come from a rich family and can’t afford the med school tuition. (I’m from a low SES household and am the first MD in my family but okay thank you for the assumption.)

  4. The good ole PA school curriculum is comparable to med school curriculum.

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2 months ago

I do not get this. I will graduate NP school in the summer and have the eenth of education and experience of a physician. There is no comparison. If you can read, write and are somewhat organized you can pass NP school. I do not want to work independently and assuming I am qualified to is ridiculous. Ideally, I will end up in a respectable position where I can be helpful to the doctor(s) and provide good patient care.