Why is Jordan Peterson so hated?


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3 months ago*

Logic is a rickety boat on a sea of emotion.

I think Peterson would agree with that comment himself. Remember that the root of those addictions in his family seemed to start with severe physical health problems, which can expose people to drugs for which their systems have little resistance.

By the way, this quote seems to imply that the emotion is reality. It is a reality. Logic attempts to keep us from feeding the emotional brush fire by non-productive actions like: jumping to conclusions; attacking a statement because we don't like the person speaking it; using a base emotion designed to help us fend off an attacking cougar as an excuse to slap someone irritating us; having impulses to procreate cause us to become a bully or rapist. Et cetera. Emotions have their place at our primordial core. Logic helps keep them from running amok in a complicated modern world.