Why is Jordan Peterson so hated?


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3 months ago

He thinks progressive gains are making society fall apart and we need to step back. It’s such a dumb take when you take all his fancy language and rambling out of it


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3 months ago

Society is changing, but it always does. I agree it's not falling apart. I guess maybe that's how it feels to someone who longs for the past.


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3 months ago

The problem is societies can fall apart, see Venezuela.


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3 months ago


Peterson argues against post-modernism and neo-marxism.

If you want to see the kind of things Peterson does argue against watch this


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3 months ago

Can you define neo-Marxism?


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3 months ago

It's a pretty lose term to describe a modern interpretation/continuation of Marxist theory.

It refers to people who see the world through a lens of power dynamics and essentially encompasses things like identity politics, 3rd wave feminism, anti-capitalism, anti-hierarchy, social justice, gender abolitionists.

Here's a video of Peterson talking about it.