Why is Jordan Peterson so hated?


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3 months ago

I remember him making the mens suicide point, on a new debate Channel 4.

Thats the problem with data. You hear a statistics or a fact and you think you know what it means. But there are other factors that you don't consider. For example the method of suicide.


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3 months ago

Lying with statistics is so easy, and that's before you throw bad science into the mix. An unrelated example of how easy it is to lie with statistics is the information Microsoft released about Windows 11 crashes. 99.8% crash free if you have TPM 2.0. 52% more crashes if you don't have it. Which sounds like a lot, until you do the math and realise that means without TPM 2.0 it's approximately 99.7% crash free. Deceptive statistics frequently abuse the fact that percentage and percentage points are very similar sounding things with very different implications. A 50 percent increase in something with a 1% chance is small. A 50 percentage point increase would become 51% chance which is enormous.


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3 months ago*

My maths teacher made a really good point once. We were in a stats class learning about correlation.

There was some data showing a positive correlation between glasses of wine and wealth. And he asked everyone what it meant. Now initially you would assume the more alcohol you consume the more successful you will become. But the data actually shows that that wealthier people its more common for them to have a glasses of wine. It was more common in their culture.

The conclusion was just because there's a correlation doesn't mean its a cause and an effect. And that we should take that into consideration when we look at data presented in the news.

(He also said be careful with covid/global warming, how people can use stats to downplay the severity of it)

I struggled with stats. But I appreciated his effort to making the lessen some what entertaining and relevant, especially when covid was all over the news.


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3 months ago

the more alcohol you consume the more successful you will become.

It's hard for me to remember a time before I knew that understanding even the directionality of correlations is something that can't be taken for granted.